2018 Summer Camp

Beginner and advanced lacrosse camps will be held at Wheaton Academy from Mon, June 11 to Thurs, June 14 (1-4p). Please have players sign up by age (elementary or middle-school) and we will divide them up by skill and experience at the camp.

Beginner Camp

We will focus on teaching the fundamentals: holding your stick, cradling, scooping groundballs, throwing, catching, shooting, dodging, and defensive stance and positioning. We will teach each skill and then reinforce it with a drill and a game. Players do not need equipment or a stick.

Beginner campers.
Beginner campers.

Advanced Camp: Building a Crafty Player (Lacrosse IQ) </p

We are really excited about a change we have made for our camp this.  We want to make this camp really valuable to the players and something that they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

In season we are busy with skill building and preparing for games. Local club teams rep skills. All of this the players need and is great, but there is a part missing.

We have created a camp that we think the players will love, with skills they won’t be picking up during summer club ball or on their own.  They will be able to immediately add these to their toolbox and put them in play.

The advanced camp will look like this:

  • two IQ fundamentals each day; players will learn a IQ skill, practice it, and immediately put it into use in some time of lacrosse game / scrimmage. We will take a break in between daily skills to see the skill on video.
  • Skills will include:
  1. using fakes to make you a better player – when, how, and why
  2. dummy slides (show, no go)
  3. spacing that makes you a threat offensively and hedging defensively
  4. dodge – fade – go again
  5. being able to and knowing when to play two
  6. dodging and playing with head up (ability to see the field and how to get your hands free to make the pass)
  7. how to set the defense up so you can dodge them
  8. screens and playing the two-man game


Advanced campers.
Advanced campers.

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