Winter & Spring 2021

FCA Lacrosse Families –

This year has been quite a challenge – we hope that you and your families are healthy and well. 

Plans are in the works for FCA Lacrosse spring of 2021.  After missing the 2020 season, we are hopeful and excited for the 2021 season.

The IBLA (our youth lacrosse league) has put out a schedule that coincides with the Illinois High School Association’s (IHSA) restructured competitive sports year.  For 2021, the IBLA season will run for six weeks beginning the first week of May and concluding the second week of June (with a playoff weekend, which is the same as usual).

Below is our current plan, which we hope to finalize in January.

  • February and early March we will offer indoor skills training*
  • March we will conduct evaluations and form spring teams
  • April will be outdoor training for our spring teams
  • May brings us to the start of the competitive season for our spring teams

*Indoor training is optional (in other words, it is an add-on to the regular spring season) and not a part of the regular season fees or training, which will begin once we move outdoors in April.  We are working to secure a new, nearby facility for the indoor training.

All of our staff are coaches and parents; therefore, we understand how difficult this time is for kids and families.  FCA Lacrosse is probably not at the top of your “concerns-list” right now and that is okay.  What we want you to know that we are working so that we can provide a safe, enjoyable, and worthwhile lacrosse experience for your son(s). 

Wishing you a wonderful and healthy holiday season and excited to see everyone this spring.

FCA Lacrosse Questions?  Please reach out to us at

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