Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is required to play for FCA Lacrosse?

For the 2023 Spring season we are planning on fielding: one Junior (3/4) team, one Minor (5/6) team, and one Major (7/8) team. We will play in the Illinois Boys Lacrosse Association (IBLA) league. Divisions for the teams will be decided by coaches based on where we feel each team would be challenged, but also be competitive. New/beginning players are welcome!

As coaches, we are always excited to get athletes who are new to the sport. One of our key directives is to help instill a love of the game in the boys.

Do kids have to be from a certain church or denomination?

No. The FCA Lacrosse is for any athlete, coach, fan or friend of the lacrosse community who loves lacrosse and has an openness or desire to grown in his/her relationship with God. FCA is committed to developing “three-dimensional” athletes and coaches who want to fulfill their potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do kids have to be from a certain town or park district?

No. Our program is open to all children regardless of home location. All FCA Lacrosse practices and home games, however, are held at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, IL.

What teams will FCA Lacrosse have for the 2023 Spring season?

Currently we are planning for: one Junior (3/4) team, one Minor (5/6) team, and one Major (7/8) team.

What is the cost of FCA Lacrosse?

In spring 2023, the cost of playing on a Junior, Minor, or Major team is $400 (+ cost of a uniform if needed, $60). All players need to have current USA Lacrosse memberships, $30/year. And, all players need the shoulder pads/liners that are certified for the 2022 NOCSAE standards. Players in our Minis program (K-2nd grade) have a $100 fee.

What does a team schedule look like for the 2023 Spring season?

Our 2023 Spring IBLA teams typically practice twice a week for 1.5 hours per practice. Twice-a-week, outdoor practices will begin in April and end with the IBLA playoffs in early June. Each team will play 8 games through the IBLA. FCA Lacrosse does its best to schedule games on Saturdays, though some teams may have some Sunday games. Some teams, depending on level, attend tournaments as well in the spring.

What equipment is required?

Players will need to have: mouth guard (not white or clear), helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a lacrosse stick. Cleats or gym shoes may be worn on the turf or field. Gym shoes are required for indoor practice. Here is a link to a good article explaining lacrosse equipment.

**All youth lacrosse players are required to wear shoulder pads or liners that meet the 2022 NOCSAE certification.

Do you have a recommended store to get equipment?

Locally, we highly recommend Tama Lacrosse in Naperville. They are a small business, the manager (Jakob Works) used to coach for FCA, and it’s always nice to support the small business owner. All they do is lacrosse and they work with a number of local teams. Please let them know you play for FCA Lacrosse if you go in!

If you want to shop online, we recommend Lacrosse Monkey or

What if we want to rent equipment?

Unfortunately, Tama Lacrosse in Naperville (1163 East Ogden Avenue, Suite 630) no longer rents gear.

However, Tama does provide quality, reasonably priced equipment for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, including helmets, shoulder pads/liners, elbow pads, and gloves.

They also offer a complete stick (strung head and shaft) for $100 or $110 (StringKing, Powell, or Maverick complete sticks) — they have quality heads and shafts with a good string job.

What about purchasing a lacrosse stick?

Easily the make or break piece of equipment for any player. Purchasing a “pre-strung” lacrosse head off of the rack may yield a poorly strung stick. Players should stay away from “beginner” lacrosse heads or wider heads and stiff meshes. This will make it difficult for a player to catch, cradle and throw the ball, resulting in frustration for the player. Locally, Tama Lacrosse (Naperville) does an excellent job of stringing a player’s stick for $14 (plus the cost of stringing supplies).

For 2023, Tama offers complete stick (strung head and shaft) for U10 players for $70 and for U14 players for $100-$140 — they are quality heads and shafts with a good string job.

What about helmets?

Helmets are expensive, but without a doubt are the most important piece of equipment players wear. Typically helmets last for many years. The best helmet on the market is the Cascade R (U12 and older) and Cascade CPV-R (U10 and younger).

Does my player need to be a member of USA Lacrosse?

Yes! Our spring league (the IBLA) requires all players to have a current USA Lacrosse membership. Membership costs $30 per year and provides player insurance, a subscription to their magazine, and other perks. Membership:

What is the schedule of upcoming events?

Events are listed on our calendar and in the News section of our Home page.

Is FCA Lacrosse Chicago linked to the FCA Lacrosse organization?

Yes! We are overseen by the FCA Lacrosse office, based in Maryland.

How do I find out more about FCA Lacrosse Chicago?

To get more information, ask a question or get on the mailing list please email us: