Parent Code of Conduct

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FCA Lacrosse Chicago
Parent Code of Conduct
(Our Expectations of Parents)

We believe that God’s greatest commandment is to love Him with our heart, soul, mind and strength. We believe that these four elements can be introduced and cultivated through sports. We believe that the result will be a fully developed athlete capable of competing in any arena, in any conditions, not for their personal glory but for the glory of God.

We will:

Let the Coaches coach by supporting them as they help our boys become all around leaders.

Maintain a Christ-like behavior and attitude at all games and FCA Lacrosse social gatherings / events.

Recognize and applaud behavior that demonstrates our values of integrity, teamwork, serving, and excellence.

Acknowledge and appreciate the boys’ growth in faith and maturity.

Affirm your son and his teammates when good character and healthy sportsmanship are displayed, not just when they have excellent performance on the field.

Serve as role models for our sons, speaking with respect and acting courteously toward coaches, referees, parents, opponents, and spectators.

Encourage our boys with positive statements, even when they make mistakes, and refrain from yelling criticism at any player, coach, referee, or spectator.

Accept responsibility for our behavior. We understand that what we do and say affects the team, coaches, and family either positively or negatively.

Lead courageously and live with integrity, doing the right thing regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

Find ways to serve others and be generous and encouraging with parents from other programs/teams.

Control our words and emotions, refraining from derogatory, demeaning talk, and profanity. We strongly recommend waiting 24 hours before contacting coaching staff or the Club staff about something you’d like to discuss with us.

Because we represent our family, coaches, players, team and FCA, we abide by this Parent’s Code of Conduct.

Download a PDF of this agreement for printing.