Info for Spring Evals 2019

FCA is planning to have teams at the K/1/2nd-grade (Mini), 3/4th-grade (Junior), 5/6th-grade (Minor), and 7/8th-grade (Major) levels for the Spring 2019 season in the Illinois Boys Lacrosse Association (IBLA).

We are excited that spring lacrosse is just around the corner.  With evaluations on the horizon, we wanted to get a bunch of information in your hands regarding what the season looks like. On this page you will find: the evaluation schedule and sign-up link, team descriptions, information on practices, games, and tournaments, spring-team fees, and uniform information for 2019.

We are now moving into the fifth year of FCA Lacrosse. The club started in 2015 with 35 players and grew to 134 players last season. The forecast is for continued growth for 2019 — that being said, it would be extremely helpful to get all players signed up for evaluations ASAP. Getting signed up early allows us to effectively plan for the spring (determine the number of teams we can support and coaches we will need, etc.).


2019 Spring Team Evaluations

All potential 2019 players must sign up for evaluations. This is needed to determine age groupings, size of teams, number of coaches, field space, team equipment purchases. Promptly signing up helps us to plan effectively for the spring season.

Evaluation fee: $15 (K – 4th grade) or $20 (5th – 8th grade)

The evaluation fee covers the rentals for evaluations and administrative costs associated with evaluations and sign-ups.

Evaluations will be held at Wheaton Academy in the Field House on Monday, January 21, 2019.

  • 8-9 am: K – 1st – 2nd grade
  • 8-9:30 am: 3rd – 4th grade
  • 9:30-11:30 am: 5th – 6th grade (Minor)*
  • 12:30-2:30 pm: 7th – 8th grade (Major)*

*Evaluations Continued: Minor and Major (only) will have additional evaluations on Fridays, January 25 and February 1 from 6-9 pm at Goalaso indoor facility.


2019 Team Descriptions

It is our goal to keep team sizes at the numbers below.

  • Mini – between 12 and 20 players (this level will play small field 7 v. 7)
  • Junior – between 16 and 20 players*
  • Minor – between 16 and 20 players*
  • Major – between 16 and 20 players
    *We are looking for more 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to join FCA — please spread the word!

The IBLA (our league) has made recommendations for divisional placement. Our task is to recommend level placement (once teams have been made) to the IBLA. Final placement of teams into levels is done at the league’s placement committee voting meeting in early March.

Our chief goal in this regard is to put players in a position where they can experience a mix of success and challenge and ultimately help to grow a love of the game.

Maroon Team – our highest level program; highly competitive; requires the highest level of player/family commitment. Players will be chosen based on skill, athleticism, lacrosse IQ, positional fit, and program fit. Playing time will be earned through practice, attendance, and team need. Players will have set positions. The majority of this team will be made up of the highest grade in the age bracket.

Black Team – competitive. Players will be chosen based on skill, athleticism, lacrosse IQ, positional fit, and program fit. Playing time will be earned through practice and team need. All players will play in every game, but not all players will play an equal amount of time. The B team can be a mix of older and younger players in their age bracket. Players may move from position to position, based on team need.

White Team – developmental. These teams are made up of players in the younger grade in each age bracket and/or newer players. Players will be chosen based on skill, athleticism, lacrosse IQ, positional fit, and program fit. Coaches will work with players to understand all positions and figure out the best fit for each player. Playing time will be as equal as possible.


Team Practice Schedule
(tentative based on final number of teams)

  • Evaluations: All ages: January 21, 2019
  • Evaluations Continued: Minor and Major (only) will have additional evaluations on Fridays, January 25 and February 1 from 6-9 pm at Goalaso indoor facility.
  • Indoor Practices: We will shoot for each team to practice 2 times indoors prior to moving practices outside.  Times are TBD, but they will be held on Fridays from February 8 to March 1.
  • Outdoor Practices: We will likely have 4 outdoor practices between March 11 and 22. Then, we will be off the week of March 25.  Monday and Wednesday outdoor practices resume on April 1 and conclude with IBLA playoffs. Tentative playoff dates are June 1-2 (Minis) or June 9-10 (Junior, Minor, Major).

Typical outdoor weekly practice starting April 1 will be Monday and Wednesday evenings at Wheaton Academy from 5:30-7 pm or 7-8:30 pm.


Game Schedule
(tentative based on IBLA scheduling)

We are allotted 10 weekends to play our 8 regular-season IBLA games. Much of the scheduling is determined by the league (as in who we play and the game host). We try to schedule the majority of our games on Saturdays (or Sunday afternoons) and try to avoid Sunday morning games, if at all possible. Typically, Minis play first in the morning and Majors play in the afternoon. All home games will be played on the turf at Wheaton Academy on Saturdays.

  • March 30-31 or April 6-7 – Tentatively, first available weekend for games.
  • June 1-2 (Mini) and 9-10 (Junior, Minor, Major) – Tentative, IBLA Playoffs


Tournaments and Tournament Fees
(Maroon and Black teams)

For Junior, Minor, and Majors our Black teams will attend one or two non-IBLA tournaments, and our Maroon teams will attend two or three non-IBLA tournaments during the spring. These Black and Maroon teams will, therefore, have different spring fees from the White teams that do not attend tournaments. Tournaments will be announced once teams are set.

Tournament costs will be added to the spring-team fee. Maroon and Black team-players will be charged an additional $50 per tournament.


2019 Spring Team Fees

Our goal is to keep costs at a minimum for families while still offering high-quality experience for all involved. Please remember that we are not a park district program — the costs associated with our program and what we offer are not comparable.

For an explanation of the value FCA Lacrosse offers families please refer to our website.

Team fees cover league fees, practice and game field rentals indoors and outdoors, shooter shirts, helmet/car decals, team supplies/equipment, FCA Family Night @ WA, program administrative costs, and coaching stipends.

Team fees DO NOT cover 2019 uniforms (game pinnie, shorts, and practice pinnie) and player equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth guard, stick, cleats).

We do not want team price or equipment price to be an issue in deciding to play for FCA Lacrosse.  If your family has a financial need, please contact us directly to discuss opportunities.

  • Spring Team Fee
    • Junior, Minor, Major: $450 per player
    • Mini: $350 per player

Team Fees will be collected once teams have been announced.



Uniforms are not included in the spring team fee. Players will need to purchase their own uniforms (through the team store). The cost for a complete set (game pinnie and shorts) will be around $75. *FCA Lacrosse will provide a new shooter shirt to every player, as it is included in the spring fee.

We will use the same uniform design for the next few years. Families can choose to replace uniforms (in part or whole) as needed/wanted. Once assigned, numbers will remain with players for the rest of their playing career with FCA.


We are grateful for your family’s commitment to FCA Lacrosse and are excited to get back on the field with all the players.

Beth, Geof, and Cort


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