*We are doing a new format for Minis this spring. We practice for one hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are not playing in a league and will have no official games.

2021 Info

FCA MINIS is for players in Kindergarten (K), First (1st), and Second (2nd) grades. The Mini season runs from April 17 to May 27. We practice outside twice a week at Wheaton Academy.

Practices are held at Wheaton Academy on the Bowl field, from 6 to 7p on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting April 27. Players can attend practices as they are able. See the tentative schedule below.

Pinnies will be used for our practices. I will provide them to each player.

Equipment — Yes, players need full equipment and a stick. We have handed out most of our loaner equipment sets, but there are affordable options to rent at Tama Lacrosse in Naperville. They also have very nice ‘starter/complete’ sticks for sale. If you want to buy equipment, you can get 20% off at Dick’s on March 14-15 in the Lombard store. Please try on all equipment to make sure it fits comfortably. And, please purchase a stick that has a soft mesh and deep pocket. If you would like recommendations, let Beth know.

Cost: $100


Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Beth Weisenborn (fcalaxchicagowest@gmail.com)
Assistant Coaches: Geof Weisenborn
Helpers: Breck Peacock, Emery Weisenborn, Aiden Weisenborn


April 10 from 5-6p, April 17 from 5-6p at Wheaton Academy (turf)
April 24 from 3.30-4.30p at Wheaton Academy (turf)
April 27 & 29 from 6-7p at Wheaton Academy (turf)
May 4 & 6 from 6-7p at Wheaton Academy (bowl)
May 11 & 13 from 6-7p at Wheaton Academy (bowl)
May 18 & 20 from 6-7p at Wheaton Academy (bowl)
May 25 & 27 from 6-7p at Wheaton Academy (bowl)


I will not post a roster, since we are not playing games.

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