What are parents saying about FCA Lacrosse – Chicago?

• “BTW – our son really grew as a player this season, all the coaches noticed and said something. I’m glad he is liking it.”

• “Thanks! You guys did a great job with the teams with communication – thanks for all this!”

• “Thanks for all you have taught our son this yr. He has loved it.”

• “Our son really made some great strides in the game this year.”

• “Coach, our son decided to be at his lax game Saturday morning. I’m quietly celebrating his decision to choose lax over a baseball all-star game!”

• “Thank you for all your work and coaching. Our son is enjoying it!”

• “I read all these emails, and I sincerely appreciate this coaching philosophy, you seem to want the boys to fall in love with the game, the rest will come. And also really appreciate the idea of working with them on how to mentally be prepared for a game, that will be a lifelong skill for an athlete many coaches can miss training their players on. Just continually thankful for the leadership of this program… and know we are all on a learning curve together! I wish you could see our son translate what he is learning in Lacrosse to the soccer field, he is learning to be aggressive, able to take big hits, while maintaining ball control.”

• “Thank you for all you guys do! We are truly enjoying being part of this team. We see how hard you work with the boys and how much they enjoy playing. The communication is wonderful also! Again, awesome job!”

Note: All names have been removed from the quotes to protect the privacy of our families and players.