FCA Junior 3/4 Black Team

2021 Current Info

  • Our TeamSnap page (all practices, events, and games are posted here, as well as a roster with parent contacts).
  • Shutterfly site for all team/game photos.
  • Play-off games are June 12 to 13.

Coaching Staff

Head Coaches: Watson Fung
Assistant Coach: Rob Wolgemuth
Helper: Tre Becks (Wheaton Academy 2021, Senior Midfield); Breck Peacock (Wheaton Academy 2023, Midfield)

2021 Spring Game Schedule

Our game schedule are posted in TeamSnap. We have 3 home games, 3 away games, and one 1-day local tournament.


# First Last
1 Bennett Collins
2 James Michaud
3 Luke Wolgemuth
4 Ryken Miller
4 Bobby delaCruz
6 Tate Kedzior
9 Jack Petrie
10 Ty Bonselaar
11 Luke Fung
19 Dylan Dresser
21 Will Howser
77 Benji Capo
88 Declan McDonald